Leadership in Professional Conversation
Translation of »Professionelle Gesprächsführung«
By Christian Rainer-Weisbach and Petra Sonne-Neubacher

Having success as a leader can only be achieved by communication. Everyday we lead conversations – with employees, colleagues, and customers – with our partners, children, and friends. Professional communication requires specific competencies. How you can optimize your skills in using meaningful, goal-oriented, and effective communication as a means of leadership, is told here with practical examples.

Over the past years, „Professionelle Gesprächsführung” has developed to be a guiding handbook for all, who want to lead in and by conversation.
This first English edition answers the growing demand for professional conversation in a globalized business environment. The concepts described in this book have proven to be independent from cultural differences, given the fact that they does not focus on specific rules which may differ between regions, but are built on the psychological background and on the common human need for attention and appreciation.

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Prof. Dr. Christian-Rainer Weisbach teaches at the universities of Tuebingen and Hohenheim. For 30 years now he has been active in human resources development as a trainer and management coach. He is the author of numerous publications on communication, education, and emotional intelligence.


Diese englische Ausgabe ist die Übersetzung der überarbeiteten 6. Auflage 2003. Es ist nach wie vor das „Lehrbuch“ für Führungskräfte sowie derjenigen, die es werden wollen, und ebenso lesenswert für Menschen, die im Gespräch „verführt“ werden könnten.